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March 27, 2024By Joe Sande

It isn’t easy to focus on moving your business forward when your priority is keeping the lights on while navigating uncertain times. Today’s enterprise has more to consider than ever, as it aims to remain flexible and agile when the unexpected happens.

A decade ago, managing risk seemed more straightforward. Meanwhile, the present-day CIO needs to not only think of internal factors but also consider a myriad of global and economic conditions, mostly out of their control, and have contingency plans for each in place.

Will the next disruption be a drip, drizzle, or downpour?    

From routine Infor CloudSuite adaptations like configuration changes or managing cloud updates, to a pivot required by regional or global events, we don’t always know what’s on the horizon. Whether it’s a planned event or a ransomware attack on a third-party application that flows into your Infor ERP, many customers rely on Infor's CareFor-as a partner to ride out the storm. Through strategic guidance and ensuring business continuity―we help customers calm the chaos and emerge better than before. The best any leader can do in today’s modern business is control what’s within their reach, and prepare for what might come next.

You can’t predict the storm, but you can be prepared when it hits

The more storms you weather, the more experienced and better prepared you become. That’s a lot like what you get when you partner with Infor’s CareFor team.

Infor’s CareFor is a portfolio of customer success and outcome-focused services designed to help customers, just like you, continually maximize the value of their Infor CloudSuite solutions and drive sustainable success. Why is this important? Because regardless of industry, market share, or company size, ongoing business success hinges on its ability to support and enable change quickly and efficiently.

Our global product and industry professionals possess extensive expertise and experience, helping customers take a proactive approach in their business to minimize risk while enabling innovation. And, when the unexpected inevitably happens, we spring into action to ensure continuing operations or help you meet new or pressing business needs.

Assurance with CareFor

Aside from freeing your internal team to focus on the priorities of the business, CareFor is flexible and modular, so you end up with a solution that is right-sized to your needs and your budget. It’s peace of mind knowing a CareFor solution locks in at an agreed-upon price over the life of the contract, regardless of inflation or rising wage costs. That’s the financial predictability you get with CareFor.

And, if you’re not sure CareFor is right for you, ask yourself the questions below. If you answer ‘no’ to any of them, we’re confident you will benefit from CareFor’s Success and Managed Services portfolio.

  1. Are your business users effectively supported in using their Infor solution―timely answers to ‘how to’ and ‘why’ questions, and assistance troubleshooting issues?
  2. Do you have the internal staff to take care of routine application-level administration?
  3. Can you effectively manage the process of application change to get the most from each cloud release or change event?
  4. Do you have the expertise to develop changes and enhancements to your solution when your business has new requirements?
  5. Do you have the guidance to help establish and manage a forward-looking success plan for your application solution that stays aligned with the priorities of your business as they evolve?

With CareFor, you have access to a team that is familiar with your business, understands your needs, your plans, and has the ‘know-how’ to help you achieve your application objectives. We stand behind our motto, “We succeed when you succeed.”

Stability and growth every day―not just during a crisis

You can’t predict or stop the storms of disruption, but you can enlist a trusted advisor and partner who will weather it with you―rain or shine. If you have internal expertise and capability gaps holding you back, why not give Infor’s CareFor a try?

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