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Used by 3,000+ automotive suppliers in over 100 countries, Infor Automotive solutions are the optimal choice for your complex automotive manufacturing needs. From global supplier collaboration to real-time order management, Infor Automotive solutions are designed to work the way you work.

  • Purpose built

    Purpose built
    An advanced suite of integrated business solutions designed and built by automotive experts.

  • Built-in experience

    Able to scale and grow to meet your complex business needs across geographies.

  • Beautiful

    Automotive solutions that are as easy to use and attractive as consumer software.



Learn how Ferrari improves communication with suppliers, increases efficiencies, and lowers costs with Infor.

Our microvertical focus

Automotive OEM

Infor Automotive provides OEMs like you with the tools to work closely with suppliers and make sure components are where you need them, when you need them—and in the right sequence—to keep your inventory quantities lean. With Infor Automotive solutions, you'll be able to better meet industry and government safety standards, as well as manage potential recalls.

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  • Assembly control/line sequencing
  • New product design and introduction (NPDI)
  • Engineering change management
  • Asset management/preventive maintenance
  •  Finished vehicle logistics
  • Vehicle recall management/traceability

Specialty Vehicles

Get the tools you need to configure and assemble complex, unique vehicles more quickly and efficiently; better control costs; consistently deliver on time; provide superior service; and retain more customers. You'll be able to create a lean, fast, responsive supply chain and easily collaborate with suppliers to increase margins.

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  • Product/sales configuration/feature-based ordering
  • Build-to-order/make-to-order/configure-to-order
  • Field service
  • NPDI
  • Engineering change management
  • VIN/serialization

Aftermarket Service & Parts

Ensure that your engineering and product development capabilities are flexible enough to keep up with accelerating product requirements and shorter product lifecycles. You'll have the tools to accurately and consistently forecast product demand, so you have the right quantity in the right place at the right time, without holding excess inventory and tying up capital.


  • Demand planning
  • Product catalogs
  • Complex pricing
  • Aftermarket service (field and depot)
  • Service parts management
  • Dealer/service operations
  • Aftermarket distributor (non-manufacturing)


Give your engineering, product development, and production teams the flexibility and agility they need to keep up with shorter lifecycles and increasing complexity. In addition, you'll be able to improve your manufacturing process to more easily launch new programs, meet OEM PPAP and APQP requirements, and control costs.

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  • Quoting/launch
  • Program/project
  • Multi-logistics planning
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Kanban/repetitive
  • Quality management
  • Automotive EDI trading partners
  • NPDI
  • Engineering change management
  • Compliance

A comprehensive software system for the automotive industry

Meet Infor CloudSuite Automotive, a complete suite that includes a core ERP system combined with high-value extension applications—all delivered in the cloud. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it's designed to help automotive manufacturers modernize, innovate, and drive competitive differentiation.

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Explore more automotive solutions

Meet Infor CloudSuite Automotive, a comprehensive suite that includes a core ERP system combined with high-value extension applications—all delivered in the cloud. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it's designed to help automotive manufacturers modernize, innovate, and drive competitive differentiation.

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As a large automotive manufacturer or supplier, you deal with aggressive schedules, increasingly complex components, globalization, and cost challenges. Infor LN is an innovative and agile software solution that can help you meet all of these issues head-on, while improving your efficiency and supply chain visibility.

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Small- and mid-sized automotive manufacturers and suppliers face unique challenges and tough competition both inside and outside the automotive industry. With Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), you have a modern software solution that helps you more seamlessly integrate with partners and provide the same—or better—levels of customer service than your enterprise-sized competitors.

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It’s estimated that more than 80% of the data some companies need to manage their supply chains resides outside their own four walls. GT Nexus—the world's largest cloud-based global commerce platform—gives you a cloud-based collaboration platform that automates processes on a global scale, across entire trade communities. The result is visibility across your supply chain and the ability to drive new levels of operational efficiency and business agility.

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Infor EAM is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. It gives you the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives. Available in industry-specific editions, Infor EAM provides unparalleled flexibility and turns asset management into a competitive advantage.

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With Birst, you get pertinent, pre-built industry analytics content that makes pivotal information easily accessible and actionable for your users. Birst’s cloud-native BI, analytics, and data visualization capabilities draw on data from across your enterprise, providing a broad choice of modern, machine learning-infused, self-service analytics interfaces.

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For manufacturers and suppliers, a lack of visibility can lead to operational decisions on the factory floor that are hazardous to your bottom line. With Infor CRM, you can maintain a comprehensive vendor and supplier database that you can share across departments to support a more strategic, agile workflow. You'll be able to easily track transactions to improve sales engagements, integrate with back-office systems to access manufacturing data, and use advanced analytics to manage supply and demand.

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Infor PLM can leverage data from across your entire enterprise to help you make better decisions about product development, management, design, and production. With Infor PLM, you can optimize every step of the product lifecycle to create higher quality products, launch new products in less time at a lower cost, and maximize profits.

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Infor Supply Chain Management combines best in class solutions with industry-specific functionality, giving you the power to plan and execute your supply chain strategies more quickly and profitably, from strategic and tactical planning to execution. With analytics at the core, you'll get the tools you need to optimize your end-to-end supply chain and harness the power of social networking to collaborate more effectively both internally and with customers, partners, and suppliers.

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Stars in Monitor


  • 20% higher gross margins
  • 20% higher customer retention
  • 15% less inventory
  • 17% higher perfect order scores
  • 35% shorter cash-to-cycle times
  • 10% increase in revenue

Ter Beke improves visibility into critical data With Infor Advanced Planning.

Infor Supplier Exchange raises you to a new level of advanced, web-enabled supplier relationship management for more effective collaboration and execution with suppliers, regardless of where they are, what systems they use, or what language they speak. With Infor Supplier Exchange, you will have the tools to gain complete visibility into your supply-side supply chain with lower costs and increased efficiency.

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With Infor Automotive Exchange, you can quickly onboard suppliers while becoming an integral, synchronized part of your customer's supply chain. You'll be able to easily share electronic data interchange (EDI) documents to reduce your risk and improve profitability. You'll also quickly know your customers' requirements, and track and manage transactional information within a single, integrated solution.

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Infor Ming.le™ is a centralized platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. The solution accesses key operational and administrative applications in real time, giving you collaboration technologies that are fully integrated across business processes, not just added on.

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Easily integrate both Infor and third-party software applications with Infor's innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION). This purpose-built middleware solution provides a simple but powerful and scalable framework, allowing you to eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency.

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Infor MES allows manufacturers and suppliers to develop operational models and simulate plant floor activities, determine optimal times to restock and replenish inventories, project just-in-time needs, improve your traceability capabilities, and empower your managers to plan and execute modular approaches to implementations. With Infor MES, you’ll be better able to manage shop-floor operations and take advantage of digital insights.

Customer stories

GAC Motor

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd (GAC)

Learn why China's fourth-largest automaker chose the Infor Automotive Exchange solution over SAP and Oracle. Peng Quan, Project Director, GAC Motor explains why Infor's quality, industry specialization, and total cost of ownership tipped the scales.

PT. Cipta Saksama Indonesia

PT. Cipta Saksama Indonesia

PT. Cipta Saksama Indonesia, a trusted supplier to 8 out of the top 10 Asian car manufacturers, chose Infor LN to bring discipline to how they run their business and minimize errors that could impact customer value.


PT. Argapura

Infor LN proved its deep industry functionality for automotive chemical company PT. Argapura. No extensive modifications were required to meet their specific business requirements, allowing PT. Aragapura to reduce their overall TCO.



Learn how Infor LN helped Tecfil, the largest producer of automotive filters in Latin America, reduce sales order processing time, improve inventory accuracy, and speed up the financial closing process.

Vantage Power

Vantage Power

Powertrain electrification company, Vantage Power, chose CloudSuite Automotive to ensure that the entire organization—from sales to finance to supply chain management—was on the same platform with everyone working with the same data.

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Infor builds complete industry suites and deploys software that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily with your existing systems. Find out why more than 90,000 organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.