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Infor provides enterprise software—including maintenance management, personnel management, talent management, and supply chain software—to address the multiple priorities in today’s contested environment. Here are a few of the challenges we help our customers confront:

Achieve financial auditability and compliance

Segregation of duties, transaction monitoring, and controlling access to sensitive data are a consistent concern.

Accelerate delivery of AI-enabled capabilities

Fragmented technology and minimal automation limits ability to curate trusted data and operationalize AI for competitive advantage.

Rebuild military readiness

Aging platforms, deferred maintenance, and poor global synchronization of assets, material, and data lead to lower operational availability of critical assets.

Integrate legacy logistics systems

Siloed, outdated technology is costly to maintain, presents security concerns, reduces data visibility, and limits business agility.

Cultivate talent for a ready digital workforce

Outdated recruitment, retention, and succession strategies impede warfighter development.

Solutions for your most critical challenges

Infor delivers a leading suite of infrastructure, platform and application cloud services tailored to meet the needs of the U.S. Department of Defense.

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Achieve financial auditability and compliance

Automated risk and compliance solutions enforce policies and controls

  • Compliance automation that mitigates the risk of manual processes, human errors, and decentralized operations
  • Continuously monitor for segregation of duties (SOD) violations and dynamically identify suspicious behaviors
  • Solution agnostic: monitor all your financial, procurement, and ERP systems from one centralized hub
  • Automate policy documentation and controls implementation for self-attestation and third-party audit
  • All-in-one interface with graphical rule-building, exception reporting, and KPIs.
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Accelerate delivery of AI-enabled capabilities

Operationalize trusted data and artificial Intelligence to augment the warfighter

  • Enable predictive logistics with self-tuning algorithms to forecast demand and reduce supply chain variance
  • Achieve target levels of availability using predictive maintenance models and sensor data
  • Increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks with process automation
  • Equip “citizen data scientists” with linked, trusted data and managed machine learning tools
  • Extend AI to the edge with IoT sensors and mobile solutions
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Rebuild military readiness

Deploy end-to-end strategic planning and analytics to support new operational concepts

  • Streamline maintenance planning, execution and supply chain support for critical fleet assets, equipment and installations in connected and disconnected environments
  • Achieve targeted levels of availability by deploying CBM+ and RBM methods for maintenance
  • Establish authoritative data and metrics for sustainment effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging analytics, IoT, AI, ML, and other modern technologies
  • Prioritize asset and capital investments for funding recapitalization, sustainment, and modernization projects
  • Designed to support enterprise asset management policy based on ISO 55000

Integrate legacy logistics systems

An integrated data environment powers digital transformation

  • Host applications, data, systems, and services in a secure cloud
  • Extend existing technology and legacy applications with edge capabilities using data lake, APIs and low code/no code development capabilities
  • Scalable integration platform-as-a-service and embedded process automation streamline end-to-end business processes
  • Modernize the user interface and enhance security by consolidating applications and services into configurable enterprise portals
  • Increase productivity with contextual AI-powered experiences that raise tasks, alerts & notifications from all source systems
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Cultivate talent for a ready digital workforce

Apply data science to unlock warfighter potential

  • Fill critical capability gaps with targeted recruitment, career development, and succession planning
  • Leverage patented behavioral science to identify future leaders and optimize team dynamics
  • Provide digitally focused education, training, and professional development
  • Increase awareness of career benefits and incentives that support warfighters and their families
  • Effectively manage initiatives such as diversity and inclusion and use of hiring flexibilities

Productivity by the numbers


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Infor LN


  • Identify data trends and develop actionable insights
  • Optimize supply chains end-to-end—from planning and procurement to orchestration and fulfillment
  • Add fields, tables, and new business logic to screens and reports without customizing source code
  • Manage quote, design, source, produce, deliver, and aftermarket service
  • Increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and simplify reporting with automated monitoring, alerts, and dashboards


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