Observations on the future of healthcare: IoT, AI, and finding the signal in the noise

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December 15, 2023By Joerg Schwarz, Senior Director, Industry Strategy & Solutions, Healthcare Interoperability

Infor has been on-the-ground at 2023’s top healthcare conferences and tradeshows and we have identified one trending topic that continues to stand out above the rest: the explosion of “Internet of Things” or “IoT” devices

 If all data is directly fed into a platform, do physicians have the capacity to review such an abundance of data regularly? 

This is where the role of artificial intelligence (AI) becomes crucial. Taking a best practice approach, securely staging IoT data and employing AI algorithms to identify and evaluate trends. 

What does this mean? Physicians would only be presented with evaluated data when significant deviations occur—a shift in trend that could signify a deteriorating heart condition, for example. In the field of Information Science, we emphasize that raw data lacks value until interpreted in context. 

Before, only a fraction of data points held true significance. Now, AI bridges this gap by transforming vast data sets into actionable insights for healthcare providers.

The challenge of securely transmitting IoT data from patient homes to the health systems for analysis and clinical decision-making. 

While innovations gather copious amounts of data, AI emerges as a critical tool to transform this deluge of data into actionable insights. 

This is just one facet of AI application; other innovations appearing include:

  • Streamlining operations using AI
  • AI for claims and revenue cycle optimization
  • AI for in-patient care enhancement
  • AI for population health management

While numerous AI or mutual-learning (ML) solutions promise to address various healthcare challenges, this abundance of point solutions poses a challenge for Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), making it difficult to navigate the deployment and management of these solutions while organizing data derived from diverse algorithms. 

The role of technology in transforming healthcare extends beyond the bounds of IoT and AI. Infor OS emerges as a pivotal player in this landscape, offering a scalable platform for continuous innovation. Infor OS seamlessly combines services to solve recurring business problems without the need for upgrades, downtime, or lock-in. Its core features include:

  • Integration, to simplify the cloud ecosystem with proven interoperability
  • Automation, to optimize complex workflows and increasing efficiency
  • Extensibility, to allow the building of data-driven, industry-specific applications
  • Data Analysis, to facilitate the combination of data from any source to uncover new patterns. 

With Infor OS, healthcare organizations can harness proactive analytics, reporting, and a unified platform that integrates with Infor's industry-specific cloud solutions. This innovative and holistic approach aligns with the industry's push towards a platform-based strategy, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and continuous growth. As a backbone for digital transformation, Infor OS supports healthcare providers in navigating the complex landscape of data integration, analytics, and decision-making.

Bozeman Health, a leading healthcare provider in a fast-growing U.S. city, is the perfect example of how to successfully expand patient care using AI: their digital transformation improved efficiency in supply, vendor, and warehouse management. Notably, Infor Coleman AI streamlined vendor selection, identifying 10% of underperforming suppliers and reducing selection time from 30 to 3 minutes, enhancing compliance and negotiation power, saving costs and improving patient care by ensuring timely and accurate inventory delivery.

While validated, Infor is proud to offer solutions that offer this time of technology, as we are diligently leveraging AI for back-office processes in Infor’s CloudSuite ERP and collaborating with partners to address a myriad of clinical use cases—a clear necessity for the industry.

The pervasive presence of innovative AI-driven algorithms and the consensus on the necessity of a platform-based approach, which is why Infor continues to help the healthcare industry by offering our revolutionary proven solution, Cloverleaf, that allows the clinical integration engine to evolve into a comprehensive healthcare data platform. Cloverleaf empowers healthcare organizations to amalgamate diverse data, transform it into actionable information, and utilize it for both business and clinical decision-making. 

The healthcare industry’s future involves embracing AI as a transformative force across to enhance operational efficiency and optimize care delivery, which ultimately, improves patient outcomes.

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