Infor Announces 2021 Customer Excellence Award Winners

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United States-January 25, 2022, 02:00 PM

Nine organizations recognized for driving innovation with exceptional business results

NEW YORK — Jan. 25, 2022 Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced the winners of the 2021 Infor Customer Excellence Awards. These annual awards recognize customers that drive innovation and showcase exceptional business results.

A panel of Infor solution and industry experts selected customers that grew their business, improved their customer experience, and drove change in their industry — all while using Infor products. Award winners and finalists from around the world will be recognized during Inforum Digital, Jan 25-26.

“At Infor, we succeed when our customers succeed. Our priority is to have our customers’ backs, offer an amazing customer experience, and think long term,” said Kevin Samuelson, Infor chief executive officer. “These awards give us a chance to highlight some of the practical solutions we have developed with our customers to expand their success and alleviate pain points across industries. With the myriad challenges this past year has posed, it’s never been more important that we spotlight the amazing work our customers are doing.”

The winners of the 2021 Infor Customer Excellence Awards are:

PRIDE Industries (North America) – Aerospace and Defense

PRIDE Industries’ mission is to create employment for people with disabilities, while delivering the highest-quality products and remaining competitive. One challenge that PRIDE Industries faced was maintaining dozens of customizations created in the previous on-premises solution, hindering its overall agility. Since the move to the Infor LN multitenant cloud solution, PRIDE Industries has seen many improvements. With the implementation of Infor Factory Track, warehouse operational efficiency improved quickly, IT resources were able to execute on multiple strategic initiatives simultaneously, and the company now has access to the most current cutting-edge features and functions. PRIDE Industries is on a journey to implement many of the application accelerators provided by Infor to help manage all aspects of supply chain logistics and manufacturing.

Nedschroef (EMEA) – Automotive

Nedschroef is a leading global fastening technology company focused on advancing industrial manufacturers. Nedschroef needed to increase productivity and address automation in its factories and ongoing ecosystem integration to better serve its global customers. To adapt to the rapidly changing and highly competitive automotive market, Nedschroef has leveraged Infor CloudSuite Automotive to replace an obsolete ERP environment, as part of its CROWN program: Continuously Refining Operations Worldwide at Nedschroef. The Infor platform provides the company with the capabilities to help introduce new products in new or existing markets, react quickly and adequately to customer demands in highly competitive environments, establish one way of working across the globe, and support the new centralized organizational structure. Nedschroef now has one integrated total solution, including shopfloor, and spends less time linking the datasets from various processes because of the integration, resulting in better insights and fewer errors. The company also has set up shared service centers (finance, for example), and the IT department spends less time on developing the needed supply chain integration and maintenance, due to automated monthly updates.

Midwest Wheel Companies (North America) – Distribution

Midwest Wheel Companies, one of the largest truck parts distributors in the Midwestern U.S., was facing problems with wasted time at the sales counter or over the phone with salespeople manually searching for the right interdependent parts to order for repairs. The company also was missing opportunities to upsell, because salespeople are not always familiar with all combinations of parts that are commonly sold together. Customers were left dissatisfied after having to place subsequent orders, because the right set of parts were not placed on the initial order. To help automate and improve the process, the company deployed Infor Coleman AI. The artificial intelligence application can analyze order data and is equipped with a recommendation engine. Coleman was deployed in only four weeks with no need to hire a team of data scientists, and Midwest Wheel’s 75 salespeople didn’t need any special skills or training to use it. Putting the sales data to use, the company built a flyer with more relevant products to help increase the value of the sale and the value to the customer. The faster reference to related products means less time searching and less trips to complete the repair. Taking the product recommender to the next step, Midwest Wheel set up Excel to call the Coleman AI endpoint. With the Excel integration, Midwest Wheel expanded its fall marketing program by 20% with products that the recommender suggested as most likely to go with the products in the flyer.

Allport Cargo Services USA (North America) – Distribution/Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Allport Cargo Services USA (ACS) is part of the Cargo Services group of companies, the largest, privately-held Hong Kong-based third-party logistics provider. ACS is a 33-year-old company, 7 years new in North America, with a team of more than 7,000 staff globally. The company manages more than 2 million 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) with a footprint of more than 6 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space in Asia Pacific alone. ACS is an independent 3PL that operates a unique systems and service neutral operating model. By using the Infor Nexus platform, ACS can enable its clients to plug and play their transportation providers without disrupting their suppliers, product, or documentation flow. ACS operates and executes 100% of everything it does “live” on the Infor Nexus platform. ACS uses the Infor Nexus Supply Chain Visibility module to provide end-to-end, networkwide supply chain management solutions. The platform creates a single version of the truth, enabling multiple participants to work, to automate processes, and to collaborate globally.

Zadig&Voltaire (EMEA) – Fashion

Zadig&Voltaire (Z&V), a French ready-to-wear clothing brand founded by Thierry Gillier, has always believed in reinventing itself. Recently, the brand decided to reinvent some of its back-end processes to improve operational efficiency, generate productivity gains, and adopt market best practices. The business has teams with a real appetite for digital, so Z&V wanted to find a quick way to free employees from many low-value tasks and let them focus on their core businesses. The company chose Infor CloudSuite Fashion to help support and scale the company’s growth in both manufacturing and distribution. Three main principles guided the implementation: make simple functional choices to encourage teams to adopt the solution, opt for a standard product to facilitate its maintenance, and redesign processes to adapt them to the tool. With Infor’s solution, Z&V is confident it will achieve its objectives.

My Food Bag (APAC) – Food and Beverage

New Zealand’s longest-standing meal kit provider, My Food Bag, needed an end-to-end integrated solution for delivery, recipe management formulation to help maximize seasonal organic local ingredients, and assistance in effectively meeting increased customer demand. With Infor’s CloudSuite Food & Beverage solution, My Food Bag achieved the cloud technology direction to help meet the company’s scalability needs. This solution includes M3CE, PLM, Birst Analytics, and Data Capture. The organization was quickly able to meet the huge spike in customer orders sparked by the pandemic, and it now has the visibility to view margins with an effective costing model, especially in formulating new recipes. My Food Bag also has enhanced risk mitigation and a step-change improvement in food safety processes, thanks to the capability to capture and label allergen and nutritional information on products.

St. Luke’s Health System (North America) – Healthcare

St. Luke’s Health System is an organization of approximately 17,000 employees that, until 2021, had no human capital management system. The health system was providing a subpar user experience because of too many manual processes, lack of good integration of technology and business processes, and no pervasive use of mobile technology. As long-time users of Infor in the payroll, finance and supply chain disciplines, the Boise, Idaho-based organization decided to double down with Infor’s cloud solution to help transform all the major disciplines. In addition to more efficiency and standardization, Infor’s solution enabled the organization to bring the major disciplines of ERP (HR, finance, supply chain management) together to form as a single, cohesive team, as opposed to working in silos. St. Luke’s is seeing more team collaboration, more business process efficiencies as manual tasks have been eliminated, less paper, and better interaction and experience for users. After resetting the entire structure, St. Luke’s believes that as it grows into new areas of healthcare services, it now has a more flexible and adaptable structure that won’t require upgrading its ERP system.

Ring Container Technologies (North America) – Industrial Manufacturing

Ring Container Technologies LLC is a U.S. privately held, multinational corporation that has focused on finding sustainable solutions for the consumer packaging industry for more than 50 years. Ring decided to move its enterprise asset management (EAM) solution to the cloud to eliminate sunsetting application databases and operating system versions and to take advantage of advanced features. Moving to the cloud enabled Ring to take advantage of new functionality, focused primarily on mobility improvements, and to implement a more predictive style of tracking assets. Twenty sites and more than 300 users are taking advantage of this transition to Infor EAM in the cloud. Ring also transitioned its substantial implementation of Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) integration to the Infor OS operating service in the cloud, paving the way for its migration to Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise. The enhanced functionality has facilitated a more streamlined process for Accounts Payable, and the mobility functionality enables EAM users in the plants to complete tasks faster within the EAM environment, giving greater visibility to those responsible for reporting performance metrics.

City of Las Vegas (North America) – Public Sector

The city of Las Vegas chose to implement Infor Public Sector (IPS) to knit together departmental workflows, to make them cohesive for customers, and to provide the capability to do business with the city 100% online. The set of modules for Community Development and Regulation met the needs of each department, while providing cross-departmental integration capabilities. These make the resulting workflows appear seamless from the customer’s perspective. All systems were systematically replaced with IPS modules over four years, while keeping the overall vision of building one connected development process in focus. The city’s vision to be a digital government is a reality for residents, businesses, and employees. The most notable improvement is that the city’s departments are now open for business 24x7x365. The city’s automated systems send emails to customers notifying them of needed actions, and customers can complete all requirements online, anytime day or night.

Learn more about the 2021 Infor Customer Excellence Award winners.

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