Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare

Today’s healthcare leaders need to have a better understanding of supply chain costs. Astute managers need to know how much they can save by integrating and automating their supply chains. With the increase in internal and external demand for accountability, the metrics you use to measure your supply chain costs need to be more strategic than ever.

Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare can help you eliminate much of your staff’s mundane paperwork, follow-up, and administrative duties. You’ll free your supply chain staff to spend more time on strategic activities, such as inventory optimization, value analysis, vendor and service contract administration, and investigating the feasibility of putting more areas of spend under management.


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What it is

Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare is an integrated supply chain solution focused on meeting the unique needs of healthcare organizations. The suite helps you:

  • Streamline workflow.
  • Facilitate tighter inventory management.
  • Improve the charge-capture process, reducing claim denials and the risk of audits.
  • Have an enterprise-wide view of your total supply spend.
  • Improve collaboration between your finance and materials management departments.
  • Optimize vendor discounts and rebates.
  • Improve vendor management.
  • Reduce supply-chain costs and labor, while empowering procurement staff to be more strategic.
  • Simplify product recall management.
  • Improve all facets of procurement, including sourcing, pricing, contract management, stocking, inventory, delivery, and documentation.

Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare supports GS1 standards, allowing standardized location and item identification for optimal speed and accuracy in your supply chain. With Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare, you can store, utilize, transact, and report using GS1 identifiers, such as the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and Global Location Number (GLN). By utilizing these standards, you and your suppliers can reduce errors and save costs, replace custom locations or account identifiers, simplify maintenance, leverage automated data capture, and improve accuracy.

As part of a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers, Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare integrates with other Infor solutions, like Infor Lawson Enterprise Financial Management, Infor Supply Chain Execution, Infor Enterprise Asset Management, and Infor Lawson Clinical Bridge to enable a connected, efficient supply chain.

Used by some of the largest and most prestigious integrated-delivery networks and other providers of patient care, Infor solutions help healthcare organizations like yours institutionalize consistency and best practices while promoting agility and cost savings.

Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare is one component of a unified solution for financial management, human capital management, supply chain, and expense management.

What it does

Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare suite eliminates much of your staff's mundane paperwork, follow-up, and administrative duties. The suite includes:

Procurement: an integrated application that seamlessly connects finance and purchasing to drive best practices in procurement operations.
Requisition Center: is an easy-to-use, web-based requisitioning solution that provides a streamlined way to automate, expedite, track and simplify the requisitioning process, while increasing compliance with contracts and company standards to help drive savings.
Procurement Punchout: allows end users to browse vendor web sites and then order from an approved, vendor maintained list of products at your prices.
Mobile Requisitions: extends Requisition Center allowing users to access and create requisitions with their mobile device.
Mobile Inventory: helps your materials, logistics and other staff quickly look-up and update inventory information through their Apple or Android devices, freeing them from their desks and making them more productive.
Procurement Card Self-Service: designed for use by the card holder for reviewing, editing, and approving procurement card charges. This application helps capture detailed information – such as accounts, activities, commodities, etc. – for card transactions.
EDI for Supply Chain Management: helps link your enterprise to its trading partners to electronically send transactions such as purchase orders, price/catalogs and invoices electronically.
Strategic Sourcing: through comprehensive request for bid ("RFx") capabilities, bid analysis, bid award and bid tracking capabilities, Strategic Sourcing supports the acquisition of goods and services with an optimal balance of cost, quality and service.
Contract Management: provides an enterprise contract management system that can be used by organizations to manage the creation of contracts by areas outside of legal, following approved, standardized guidelines.
Supplier Order Management: helps provide visibility into supplier invoice and payment history for your diverse supplier base. Visibility allows everyone, from buyer to supplier to accounts payable manager, to take corrective action and mitigate risk.
Mobile Supply Chain Management: leverages mobile handhelds, automated data collection, and wireless technology to simplify receiving, delivery and inventory processes.
Point of Use: designed to eliminate redundant processes and increase charge capture. By recording supply utilization at the "point of use," Point of Use generates replenishment events while sending patient charges to your billing system.
Surgical Instrument Management: helps hospitals gain greater visibility and control of surgical instruments, enabling hospitals to reduce costs through optimized instrument inventory levels, improved instrument utilization rates and increased productivity of staff assembling surgical trays.
Recall Management: helps healthcare providers identify, locate, and remove unsafe products, food, pharmaceuticals, equipment, and other items quickly and efficiently in response to mandatory or voluntary recalls or other corrective actions.
Distribution Management: helps to efficiently fulfill customer demand by managing order entry, contracts, and pricing, production scheduling through production orders, inventory, picking, fulfillment, and customer billing.
Supply Chain Analytics: provides a simple way to connect staffing, clinical and financial information by extracting data from Infor Lawson applications (including supply chain, staffing and financials), as well as data from non-Infor systems.

Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare delivers applications to empower end-users, provides instant access to information and drives efficiency and simplicity for healthcare organizations. Specifically, these applications provide:

  • Strategic applications designed to manage sourcing processes and supplier relationships
  • Robust management of contracts and pricing to ensure right price
  • Automated or self-service replenishment to ensure right product at the right time
  • Mobile applications for simplified inventory (including PARs), patient charging, and surgical instrument management
  • Pre-built connections to your Healthcare trading partners and your clinical systems
  • Comprehensive, integrated spend analysis

Infor Lawson applications run on Lawson Technology, which insulates the business applications from the operating systems and databases, while also providing strong components to strengthen the user experience. Learn more about Lawson Technology

What it means

You'll have the power to:

  • Align suppliers with your organization's processes and systems to source, contract, and manage for best value.
  • Build a smarter supply chain with improved visibility to inventory levels, warehouse management, transportation, labor management, and third-party logistics—all in a single view.
  • Use available resources to eliminate errors and maximize the use of technology to reduce waste in your supply chain.
  • Integrate supply chain, billing, and clinical systems to support your organization's clinical and safety initiatives.
  • Gain clear visibility into your supply chain data to reduce costs, improve margins, and improve patient outcomes.

The Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare difference

Unlike other solutions, Infor Lawson SCM for Healthcare uniquely offers:

  • A fully integrated source to settle solution that delivers proven savings
  • Robust mobile solutions that support more efficient inventory management, receiving and delivery processes
  • Pre-delivered analytics to support spend management and internal efficiency initiatives

With over $500 million in documented savings, Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management for Healthcare has helped hundreds of healthcare organizations improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and financial performance.

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