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Analytical tools for liquidity management and real-time intraday control

Gain real-time visibility

Realiti® is the only liquidity management software on the market with the proven ability to manage intraday cash and liquidity in real time. Realiti's suite of insight and analytics modules combine a deep knowledge of the financial industry, intraday experts, and an innovative bank compliance management system in one modern solution. Designed and architected to continually process very high data volumes and deliver the real-time visibility demanded by an organization's various user communities, Realiti empowers progressive firms across the financial services industry to oversee intraday activity and guidance, while maintaining compliance.


  • Business configuration and drill-down
  • Approvals workflow
  • Industry standard message formats, such as SWIFT
  • Grid views and graphical insight
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Security and alerts
  • Export charts, summarized data, and detailed transactions

Introducing Realiti Essentials

Financial regulators across the world increasingly expect even small and mid-sized banks to conform to the evolving intraday liquidity regulatory agenda. All banks will need to be regulatory compliant, but the small and mid-sized firms typically cannot afford to develop an in-house solution or buy an external enterprise liquidity solution with its associated total cost of ownership.

In response, Infor® has created Realiti® Essentials that provides an out-of-the-box, all-inclusive SaaS version of three of its core software modules to provide a low-cost solution to this challenge and get customers live in four weeks. Realiti Essentials includes Intraday liquidity management, regulatory reporting, and intraday stress modelling.

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Features & Benefits

Address real-time intraday data challenges

Leveraging standard banking industry messaging platforms and networks, Realiti captures data in structured messages to build a picture of every settlement account balance, every minute of every day—providing visibility across both direct clearing accounts and correspondent bank nostros.

Leverage accurate data for analysis

Realiti’s core platform runs on an engine that consumes and intelligently transforms transactional messages from external account providers in real time—via existing financial industry infrastructures—and internal systems across front, middle, and back offices.

Support compliance and global regulatory monitoring

Realiti is regularly refreshed to keep pace with evolving regulator demands and reporting guidelines related to intraday activity across the world, including: BCBS248, UK PRA intraday regime, USA Fed, Canadian OSFI, and extended for new requirements as released.

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