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Optimize real-time customer interactions

interaction advisor
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Real-time decision making application

Infor Interaction Advisor is a real-time decision making application that identifies the next best and most relevant marketing campaign to present at any integrated customer touch point. With this easy-to-use application, you can maximize your customer experience management efforts with the highest impact message or offer.


  • Predictive analytics and self-learning offer management engine
  • Real-time campaign updates
  • Maximum enterprise scalability
  • Closed-loop response tracking
  • Personalized interactions
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Features & Benefits

self-learning marketing campaign management solutions

Self-learning marketing campaign management solutions

This self-learning marketing campaign management software suggests the best marketing campaign to present to the customer at any integrated touch point, including next best action, cross-sell, and retention offers.

personaliztio nfor your customers

Personalization for your customers

Through dynamic profiling and split-second determinations, including qualification and governance decisions, the software platform ensures that you give your customers, what they want, with relevant and personalized marketing campaigns.

learning predictive models

Continuous learning with predictive models

Predictive models are continually updated with customer-specific information as well as data learned across all customers, in order to help form the next best action for future decisions. Closed-loop analysis enables the self-learning system to retain all information for future use.


The Customer Experience Suite includes these products:

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