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Infor Location Based Intelligence

Gain real-time visibility with a real-time location system (RTLS) to cut waste and improve experiences

Improving healthcare operations and experiences with RTLS

Infor® Location Based Intelligence is an interoperable software platform for health systems, hospitals, and clinics leveraging Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). This healthcare-specific solution provides real-time visibility into the movement and management of medical equipment, staff, and patients. Location Based Intelligence partners with the top RTLS hardware technology to provide the greatest value and most comprehensive solution to meet client needs.

Key Capabilities

Safety improvements

Reduce the spread of infection by automatically tracking all interactions between patients, staff, and equipment; Send notifications when assistance is needed

Workflow optimization

Eliminate bottlenecks and optimize patient flow and staffing resources for better care delivery

Asset optimization

Find and replenish equipment efficiently, and monitor utilization data for smarter purchasing and rental decisions

Environmental monitoring

Efficiently keep sensitive items and spaces at safe levels


Validate compliance through automatic data collection and mitigate the errors that come from manual documentation

Business intelligence and reporting

Advanced reporting and visualization tools transform complex data into easily understood intelligence

My physician isn’t waiting for a patient or waiting for discharges. And physicians are spending more time with their patients.


Infection control and contact tracing

Automatically and rapidly identifies and logs the history of interactions between staff, patients, medical equipment, and locations. This includes an accounting of what or who made contact and for how long contact occurred. Leverage this reporting to confidently monitor all interactions across facilities to contain the contagion.

  • Implement rapid infection contact identification
  • Know what’s available and where
  • Protect staff caring for patients

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Acute care and clinic patient flow

Provides visibility into patient and staff workflows leveraging real-time location system (RTLS) technology. This visibility gives hospitals and clinics the ability to improve patient flow, increase access, and create better staff and patient experiences.

  • Reduce patient wait time
  • Improve patient throughput
  • Increase staff value-added time
  • Streamline care coordination

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Asset management and environmental monitoring

Provides real-time visibility into the location and status of mobile medical equipment, enabling hospitals to find equipment quickly and easily, replenish equipment efficiently, more effectively manage inventory and rentals, and make smarter purchasing decisions. Automate the collection of temperature, humidity and CO2 readings.

  • Improve operating margins
  • Sharpen asset utilization
  • Spend less time searching
  • Have less unusable equipment
  • Find fewer stockout situations
  • Keep sensitive items and spaces at safe levels

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Streamlines behavioral health patient rounding and provides access to real-time observation data. Care teams can prioritize observations, validate compliance and proactively seek opportunities to drive improvements in process and ultimately care.

  • Improve safety for patients and staff
  • Create an environment for better patient care
  • Ensure staff efficiency and accountability
  • Monitor and measure compliance

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Productivity by the numbers

Meaningful metrics drive measurable results


reduction in patient wait time


reduction in number of steps required by medical assistants


minutes longer each physician can spend with patients

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