Achieving supply chain excellence and network collaboration

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December 15, 2020

As fashion organizations grow to introduce new products or clothing lines, acquire other companies, shift priorities, and change channels to market, key stakeholders can be left out of the conversation. A networked approach to running your company can solve these problems. Collaborative networks work because they engage internal and external partners, workers, and stakeholders, helping to incentivize and execute supply chain processes more effectively than ever before.

New insights will continue to emerge as consumer behaviors shift and production opportunities evolve, but a continuously synchronized and updated network can keep you agile from sketch to store by making critical information accessible to colleagues, organizations, suppliers, and customers. Collaborative networks work to improve customer service, maximize margins, and minimize loss attributed to miscommunications such as missed inventory targets, downtime, spoilage, and other challenges. 

Today, aligning strategy with execution by establishing real-time global visibility into operations is more urgent than ever. It helps foster a more collaborative enterprise-wide feedback loop that tells stakeholders whether they are staying on plan while also alerting them to emerging challenges.

Jumpstart your fashion collaborative network 

Collaborative networks present a massive opportunity for fashion brands seeking longevity in the industry, but they can’t be created overnight. A collaborative network is required to support the very processes that give brands a competitive advantage while nurturing these assets to ensure future success. Omni-channel success doesn’t happen with the introduction of a single strategy. Sustainability, quality, planning, and sales must be supported by a dynamic network that works in tandem to engage everyone involved in the manufacturing process. 

To learn more about this topic and gain some practical information about how your organization can create a connected and collaborative digitized network, check out this best practice guide.

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