Avoid Tons of Extra Work by Using the Right Types of Customizations

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July 30, 2019

One of the great things about CloudSuite Industrial is that you can customize the application in a number of different ways to meet your unique requirements. However, when you customize, you risk conflicts with future enhancements Infor makes.

Generally, a conflict will occur when both you and Infor make changes to the same object. This means the new vendor (Infor) version will be different from the old vendor version and the customized version is different from the old vendor version.

Here’s a list of some of the types of customizations, but not all, that could cause conflicts.

  • Form background change
  • Component background change
  • Component size change
  • Added component change
  • Component Class change
  • Component Class List Source change
  • Component Class Validator change
  • Event Handler change
  • Form script modifications and additions

There are yet other customizations you can make. The issue is that some approaches to customizations lead to more conflicts. Others lead to fewer conflicts.

So how can you make customizations and minimize the conflicts? And the extra work that goes into resolving those conflicts?

That’s one of the main topics we’ll be explaining at this year’s Infor TechEd for CloudSuite Industrial and Distribution SX.e, August 6-8th in Saint Paul, Minnesota. If you want to save yourself time with your customizations, you’ll want to come to the event and focus on these sessions:

  • The ramifications of various types of extensions on FormSync (2 hrs)
  • Advanced Extensibility: .NET Methods, EXTGEN, and beyond (2 hrs)
  • Leveraging Infor Mongoose to build a beautiful application (2 hrs)
  • Extending CSI using Appbuilder (2 hrs)
  • Advanced tips and tricks for personalizations and extensions (2 hrs)
  • Personalizing forms using the new v10 personalization components and features (2 hrs)
  • Managing version uplifts in version 10 (4 hrs, hands-on)

If you have made customizations to the application or are planning to, you don’t want to miss this event.

Hope to see you there!

John Brown | Education Product Manager, Infor
John is the Infor Education program manager for CloudSuite Industrial. He joined the Education Department in 1999, back in the Symix days.

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