Hospitality resilience in the 2020s - a summary

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January 15, 2021

The hospitality industry landscape has changed radically over the past year. How has technology for hotels, resorts, and casinos helped leaders to better compensate for disruption to their businesses? What areas are the most important for organizations to consider in creating stability in the present, and helping to prepare for the immediate future?

To help sum up some of the posts we’ve published to address these questions, here’s a summary of strategies and the technology solutions attached to them to consider as we venture further into the 2020s.

1. Rethinking how to present services to guests

The way leading hotels serve guests has changed, and was on a course toward contactless, mobile-based, and personalized services for many years before the pandemic. This is not to mention rethinking the spaces themselves and making the most out of each square foot for maximum value. Leadership in the space means taking a look at where these conversations are in our current era and deciding what hospitality technology solutions are necessary to carry organizations through to the next one. Read more.

2. Matching business data to the guest experience

To create an optimal guest experience even as conditions that affect the industry shift and change, access to the right data is essential. From there, matching what’s known about guests to tailoring services to enhance that guest’s stay becomes a natural progression, as does the likelihood that the lifetime value of that guest will increase. What’s needed is a hotel PMS that integrates across a whole brand and to other solutions. This helps organizations make vital connections to delight guests, build loyalty, and lead markets. Read more.

3. Making sure that staff are empowered to excel

Guest-first mission statements are one thing. But it’s staff that brings that mandate to life, day to day. For teams to accomplish that mission, staff on all tiers of the business and in all locations need the right tools to do their best work. What are some examples of this? Read more.

4. Using revenue management solutions strategically

The conversation about data and how it informs more precise strategy under all conditions is an essential thread to follow when seeking resilience in any era. The role of revenue management solutions has shifted in recent times to help hospitality organizations make better sense of the landscape as much as to track the flow of incoming revenue and profitability. A significant engine to this has been in the areas of automation as driven by science-based algorithms built into the solutions themselves. Read more.

5. Extending versatility with events management and amenities reservations platforms

A big part of making the most of every square foot of every property is in the efforts to make each space as versatile and easily managed as possible. To do that, an integrated events management and amenities reservations platform that helps locations account for guest comfort, safety, and any legal restrictions necessary. This is vital for day-to-day operations. But it also stands as an investment to help organizations redefine spaces, get maximum value from them, and manage them under all kinds of conditions more effectively, too. Read more.

6. Unifying everything in the cloud

To be resilient, hospitality organizations have to be unified. Every location and every team must be anchored in a common and scalable technology environment to help them focus strategies and make the most of resources. More and more, hotels, resorts, and casinos are leaving the on-premises model behind in favor of cloud technology and SaaS. Investment in technology that allows all locations and decision-makers to act on trends as a whole is only one way that industry leaders have stayed resilient during disruptive times. There are other advantages besides. Read more.

Leaning into the challenge

This has been a challenging year. But hospitality industry leaders have spent the time thinking about how to thrive under new conditions. They’ve leaned into resilience as a dynamic, constantly shifting pursuit that will carry them into the future.

To help support them, we’ve created a resource that touches upon that theme.

You can get your copy of it right here.

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