Infor at HITEC 2022 – hospitality technology attendees can expect at booth 405

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May 31, 2022

Our team at Infor is gearing up with great excitement for HITEC 2022. As always, we are excited to see our peers, have great conversations, and to meet new people as well. We will be greeting one and all at booth #405, hearing their stories, and sharing a few of our own.

What we’ll also be doing is demonstrating our hospitality technology, showcasing what an integrated hotel tech platform must be to meet the challenges of a new era, particularly after a disruptive period. What specific solutions will we be bringing with us to the show? How do they contribute to a cohesive, scalable approach to help industry leaders to realize a vision for what the present and future of their businesses might be?

Hotel property management solution

With the trend towards empowering self-service to guests and creating greater visibility and fluidity via mobile and cloud technology, hotel property management operations in a modern era have evolved. The goal behind modern hotel operations is to reduce friction and to create seamless experiences every time. Another goal is comfort and creating environments to support it. This must be true for guests, of course. But it’s also true for service staff at locations, too.

When hotel employees have the visibility around guest profiles, requests, housekeeping schedules, and other important areas of their jobs which they can access via cloud and mobile, they can do better work. That means a better experience for them, as well as for guests. While at the show, we’ll be walking attendees through what the guest journey will look like and how our Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) helps hoteliers and their people to create cohesive, supportive paths for the modern guest.

Hotel revenue and price management

In large part, savvy investment in new hotel revenue management and pricing technology is driven by how many channels to market there are today as compared to the past and what is needed to stay competitive in the right ones. Another key driver is how much more aware the modern consumer is of that increasingly varied competitive landscape when seeking the best possible deal for themselves. Keeping up requires speed and accuracy that goes beyond the RM strategy of the past.

This is not to say that the technology replaces human expertise. In fact, modern revenue management and pricing solutions are designed to enhance the efforts of RM leadership and teams. Specifically, modern hotel revenue management platforms help operators and strategists to focus in the right areas of business and more easily avoid getting lost in the sometimes overwhelming volumes of data involved. At HITEC this year, the Infor team will show how our EzRMS for revenue planning and forecasting and HPO for optimized hotel pricing can keep up with an increasingly data driven hospitality industry.

Events management and amenities reservations

Expanding an offering by redefining locations and brand identities has been an important takeaway in the last year or so. Making the most of spaces and creating value beyond traditional nightly stays in guest rooms is a worthy pursuit. To do that well, an end-to-end events management platform and an advanced amenities reservations solution sets hotels up for success.

At HITEC this year, our team will take attendees through the process of event booking and coordination on a modern platform designed to provide maximum visibility with an emphasis on great communications between hotels, events planners, and guests. They’ll also show how our amenities reservations solution can help to create optimal comfort in hotel restaurants, spas, and other on-site services.

Hotel food and beverage restaurant and point of sale

Cloud-based restaurant technology plays an integral part in the modern hotel guest experience. A versatile restaurant point of sale platform allows hotels to offer efficient service in on-site restaurants. But it also allows guests to enjoy food and beverages services wherever they are – including poolside with tablet-based POS terminal in the hands of hotel staff.

Another way to serve guests is by way of self-serve kiosks that reduce the need for staff intervention to place food and beverage orders. To demonstrate this, the Infor team will have a working point of sale kiosk at booth #405 where HITEC attendees can order their easily customized free coffees via this innovative technology to get a feel for how easy the process is.

Serving present and future needs

The hospitality industry is in motion as always, moving toward a future that’s closely aligned with the evolving values, sensibilities, and expectations of a new era. With the right solutions in place now, hotel organizations will have a scalable basis to adapt as emerging technology and culture inform each other in the future, too.

We’d love to connect with you at the show. You’re invited to visit booth #405 during the show.

Setting up a dedicated time to speak to us and/or get a demo of our technology solutions is easy, too.


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