Accelerating 3rd-Party Integrations with Infor CloudSuite using Birlasoft iConnect Framework

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January 1, 2024By Ravindra C Kabbur | Senior Solution Architect, Birlasoft Limited

One of the key value propositions of Infor’s approach to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) lies in its out-of-the-box functionality for specific lines of businesses. While this mitigates the need for building and maintaining customizations, enterprises are still required to integrate the ERP with other applications in their tech stack to build frictionless and connected processes. 

Some organizations may find that this erodes the value of adopting a low-touch product like Infor CloudSuite, which does away with expensive version upgrades every few years. Moreover, building and maintaining 3rd-party integrations requires specialized skill sets and raises the initial costs of solutioning for an enterprise.

To this end, we at Birlasoft have devised a framework to integrate 3rd-party applications with Infor CloudSuite in a standard, scalable, and agile fashion – namely, Birlasoft iConnect. With iConnect, enterprises can accelerate the time to solutioning, lower the initial costs of building a connected, digitally powered operating model, and maximize the value of their ERP implementations. 
In the next section, read how Birlasoft’s iConnect Framework mitigates some of the critical challenges of building and maintaining 3rd-party integrations that you may have already experienced as a technology decision-maker at a large enterprise.


Key integration challenges in the Infor ERP landscape

Building connected business processes that span multiple functions is the hallmark of digitally enabled enterprises of today. Application integration has, therefore, become a strong requirement for businesses now. 

To this end, major enterprise technology ecosystems have adopted numerous strategies to simplify integrations for their users. Infor realizes this objective with Intelligent Open Network (ION), a middleware part of the Infor OS and enables workflow automation through app integrations.

While Infor ION is a powerful middleware to support the integration needs of enterprises, most organizations still face the following challenges in integrating 3rd-party apps with their CloudSuite deployments:

1. The use of middleware, the need to write custom code to connect apps, disparate data formats, and multiple inbound/outbound touchpoints add complexity to the already growing tech stack.
2. Even after the integrations have been built, enterprises need to retain skilled developers to mitigate issues that arise from upstream or downstream changes and updates. 
3. The inability to spot issues in the integration code or APIs results in ‘product issues’ that are difficult to address. This detracts the RoI of the product and the overall solution.
4. Finally, the cost of building and maintaining integrations subtracts from the value proposition originally envisioned when the decision to adopt and build the solution is made while delaying the implementation.


Streamlining 3rd party integrations with Infor with Birlasoft iConnect

The iConnect framework responds to the above gaps in the integration requirements of enterprises in the Infor ERP landscape. iConnect is based on Infor ION, and it enables enterprises to implement standard, reliable, and maintainable integrations that connect Infor CloudSuite to 3rd-party applications like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and others. 

iConnect offers standard connectors and web interfaces to deploy integrations to applications offered by major enterprise tech vendors. It provides ready-to-use, reusable components to orchestrate inbound and outbound information flows and database connectivity, accelerating the time to implement reliable integrations.


Why iConnect?

Create standard integrations at scale
It enables optimal usage of inbound and outbound routes, standard error handling implementation, and a consistent integration design approach. This removes the dependence on native integrations and the need for writing custom code.

Make integrations agile and flexible
A modular approach enables developers to switch applications with zero downtime, and multiple pre-built integration methods help meet the integration requirements of varying architectures.

Accelerate the time to solutioning
Integrate applications swiftly using predefined connectors instead of writing them one at a time, and lower the time to market for the solution.

Reduce costs in the long run
Minimize the cost of building and maintaining the solution, lower the effort to maintain integrations to improve resource utilization, and eliminate the need to hire niche skills.


Building a connected operating model with iConnect: A success story

An Aerospace and Defense organization wanted to streamline the order-to-cash process by integrating five business functions while implementing the Infor CloudSuite ERP. To this end, they leveraged Birlasoft iConnect, which enabled them to integrate Infor CloudSuite with their MES, PLM, Procurement/Finance, and service applications, along with 50 RICEFW (Reports, Interface, Conversion, Enhancements, Forms, and Workflows) components. This lowered the project cost by 40% and improved resource optimization by 30%.

Next steps

Because ERP systems function as the nervous system of this digital enterprise, effective integration methods are crucial to realize the full value of end-to-end digital workflows. In the Infor ERP ecosystem, a solution like Birlasoft iConnect Framework is essential to realize the complete value of Infor’s industry-specialized ERP solutions.

Connect with us today and discover the power of iConnect for integrating 3rd-party apps with Infor CloudSuite.




Ravindra Kabbur Birlasoft Infor Blog Article 2023


Ravindra C. Kabbur is a Senior Solution Architect for at Birlasoft Limited. With over 20+ years of experience across multiple industries verticals, he has been instrumental in leading global teams for solution delivery and technical support to help customers realize value from Infor solutions and has delivered many successful deployments across the globe.

His experience is founded on finance and technical domains. He has expertise across multiple roles, from managing large Infor implementations, to setting up and delivering Application Managed Services operations. In his current role, he is helping customers in their digital transformation and cloud journey. To date, Ravi and Birlasoft’s 300+ Infor professionals and 25+ unique solutions have successfully delivered 200+ projects for over 75 global customers.

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