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Effectively manage complex industry challenges, from tank scheduling and country of origin labeling to traceability and recipe management, with Infor Food & Beverage. Serving over 1,200 F&B manufacturers in 90+ countries, these solutions provide the specialized functionality you need at the microvertical level.

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    Innovative: Bring products to market faster while meeting regulatory requirements and satisfying consumer demands.

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    Specialized: Get deep functionality for specialized needs, from tank scheduling and attribute management to track and trace, disassembly planning, and more.

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    Beautiful: Increase efficiency and attract new talent with a consumer-inspired user experience that’s designed to mirror personal technology.

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A comprehensive software system for the food and beverage industry

Infor CloudSuite™ Food & Beverage has all the right ingredients to manage your complex operations, financial, and compliance requirements. This complete, yet flexible solution offers deep, proven, end-to-end capabilities for all your critical processes. Industry-rich functionality is delivered in the cloud, which means you get greater business agility as you grow, with hassle-free ownership and security that follows best practice protocols.

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Infor CloudSuite™ Food & Beverage has all the right ingredients to manage your complex operations, financial, and compliance requirements. This complete, yet flexible solution offers deep, proven, end-to-end capabilities for all your critical processes. Industry-rich functionality is delivered in the cloud, which means you get greater business agility as you grow, with hassle-free ownership and security that follows best practice protocols.

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  • Industry-rich functionality
  • Agility and speed
  • Reliability and accessibility

Infor M3 enables Food & Beverage companies to respond rapidly to changes in customer demands, a key factor for staying ahead of the competition. You can manage and speed up your global supply chain to improve efficiency, minimize shelf-life issues, and reduce waste. In the event of a recall, M3's track and trace tools can help you address the issue swiftly and effectively.

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  • Ability to manage ingredient characteristics such as grade, brix, fat, moisture, and weight
  • Down-to-the-minute planning
  • Specification Management with advanced quality and laboratory processes
  • Reverse bills and catch weight
  • Graphical Lot Tracker for transparency and rapid traceability

Infor CloudSuite Process Manufacturing is an advanced, highly flexible ERP solution that offers Food & Beverage companies the functionality needed to remain competitive in today's highly complex, global environment. With advanced manufacturing and supply chain planning capabilities built right in, Infor CloudSuite Process makes it easy to adjust formulas, build batches based on exacting manufacturing specifications, and monitor and respond to the evolving regulatory environment.

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  • Flexible formula management that accommodates solubility and total yield
  • Ability to accurately resize formulas to scale using percentages and based on production needs
  • Maintain a full formulation revision history
  • Report in batch production quantities for faster material deployment
  • Use core Infor CloudSuite Industrial functionality for costing and lot and serial traceability

Infor EAM is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. It gives you the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives. Available in industry-specific editions, it also gives you unparalleled flexibility to zero in on the specialized industry requirements that can turn your company's asset management into a competitive advantage.

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  • Up to 50% reduction in maintenance overtime, labor, and contractor costs
  • 20% reduction in maintenance material costs
  • 20% reduction in production downtime
  • 20% or more in energy reductions
  • 5% reduction in new equipment costs
  • 10% increase in fleet availability
  • 50% increase in warranty cost recovery
  • 50% reduction in purchasing process costs

To be competitive, process manufacturers have to develop new products quickly, produce them using the best possible formula, and maintain full compliance with all regulatory requirements. Infor PLM is designed to meet this unique set of requirements with a tailored approach to product lifecycle management (PLM).

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  • Innovate quickly
  • Optimize formulas
  • Ensure 100% labeling compliance

Infor Supply Chain Management combines best in class solutions with industry-specific functionality, giving you the power to plan and execute your supply chain strategies more quickly and profitably, from strategic and tactical planning to execution. With analytics at the core, you'll get the tools you need to optimize your end-to-end supply chain and harness the power of social networking to collaborate more effectively both internally and with customers, partners, and suppliers.

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  • 20% higher gross margins
  • 20% higher customer retention
  • 15% less inventory
  • 17% higher perfect order scores
  • 35% shorter cash-to-cycle times
  • 10% increase in revenue

GT Nexus, the world's largest cloud-based global commerce platform, integrates directly with the order management system of companies and transmits order information to their suppliers, freight carriers, and logistics providers.

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  • Designed specifically for multi-enterprise collaboration and commerce in the cloud
  • Integrates directly with the order management system of brand owners and transmits order information to their suppliers, freight carriers, and logistics providers
  • Transmits an order and subsequent changes from the brand owners to the contractor

Specialized by industry/microverticals


Whether you produce juice, beer, or soft drinks, Infor's beverage industry solution is designed to help you manage the complexities of your supply chain—from forecasting demand to managing production schedules and delivering your final product to the shelves. You’ll be able to address beverage industry issues such as capacity planning, tank scheduling, delivery forecasting, variable attribute production, plant maintenance, and more, with full supply chain traceability.

Key features include:

  • Collaborative forecasting and demand planning
  • Optimized use and scheduling of tanks
  • Processing of high sales order volumes
  • Responsive material and capacity planning
  • Warehouse management with shelf life handling
  • Route-based repetitive and non-repetitive distribution
  • Management of returnable pallets and containers


Managing the complex variables of dairy manufacturers—from planning around short shelf life to multifaceted scheduling with spreadsheets—can be overwhelming and result in out-of-code product and high changeover costs. Infor Food & Beverage for the dairy industry allows you to create the optimal production schedule in the most efficient, timely, and profitable manner possible.

The built-in optimization tools can help you streamline:

  • Sales orders and direct store delivery (DSD)
  • Distribution, forecasting, and planning
  • Production control and scheduling
  • Supply chain management and procurement
  • Financial, customer, and plant management
  • Supply chain traceability, reporting, and recalls

Meat, Poultry, Fish

Infor Food & Beverage helps you streamline operations and control costs to meet the unique challenges of the meat, fish, and poultry industry. Because this solution focuses on yield optimization, demand planning, and asset management, you’ll be able to maximize your use of raw materials, while maintaining complete traceability and food safety across your entire value chain.

Key features include:

  • Shelf-life and expiry management
  • Planning by the hour and minute
  • Route and shipment management
  • The scalability to cope with volume and speed
  • Attribute management
  • Reverse Bill of Materials
  • Catch weight

Food Ingredients

Infor Food & Beverage can help you optimize all aspects of your ingredients manufacturing business, from acidulants to zest. Your business will be better able to develop, produce, and deliver, because you'll get the insight you need to trace all raw materials, production data, and deliveries.

You’ll be able to:

  • Get instant electronic access to accurate upstream and downstream records of raw materials, production data, and deliveries
  • See how transactions are linked together
  • Verify documentation certification from suppliers
  • Improve internal business processes and trace environmental and sustainability strategies


Infor Food & Beverage helps you manage maintenance schedules, multiple SKUs and short self-lives common in the bakery industry to maximize the up-time of critical processing lines. It can also help you manage grades, such as moisture and fat-content, as well as help you optimize planning and production to meet even the most volatile demands.

Key features include:

  • Planning down to the hour and minute
  • Shelf life and expiry management to the hour and minute
  • Direct store delivery capabilities
  • Returnable container management
  • Attribute management
  • Quality control and laboratory inspection
  • Full supply chain traceability


If you can efficiently forecast and produce, while maintaining traceability, you can differentiate your confection business from your competitors. Infor Food & Beverage is designed to give you control, visibility, and complete traceability across your supply chain, while maximizing your demand forecasting and production planning capabilities.

Key features include:

  • Capacity constraint management for bake-ovens and across process and personnel capacities
  • Attribute management and new product introduction
  • Pricing, discounts, promotions, and rebate management
  • Quality control and lab-inspection, built into core processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, and warehousing
  • Advanced costing models to mirror your cost components across the value chain
  • Mobile device support to automate data collection

Customer stories

Seaboard Foods

Seaboard Foods

With a commitment to "doing better by knowing better," Seaboard Foods needed a software solution that would provide them with the visibility they needed to succeed. Hear Seaboard Foods discuss why they chose Infor Food & Beverage to track costs and gain efficiency.


Reynolds Catering Supplies

Reynolds Catering Supplies is one of the UK’s leading distributors of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, and cheese—processing more than 3,000 orders daily via a fleet of 194 vehicles. With Infor M3, Reynolds sped up its supply chain and lowered costs. Reynolds can now manage its sophisticated array of services more effectively and is better prepared for rapid and consistent growth.

Clover Dairy

Clover Dairy

See South Africa's largest dairy producer, Clover Industries, discuss the challenges they face and how Infor LX perfectly suits their business. You’ll also learn how Infor ION and Infor
Ming.le™ are supporting their plans for growth.

Grimmway Farms

Grimmway Farms

When a top producer of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables deployed Infor EAM, the company streamlined and automated many processes throughout its departments. With the fully integrated system, the company can easily track and efficiently manage work order history, assets, costs, and its preventive maintenance program. The company also cut report creation time from 1 day to about 30 minutes.

JR Watkins

J.R. Watkins

Nestled in the Mississippi River Bluff town of Winona, MN., Watkins has been America's pioneer in natural living since 1868. With Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, the company was able to enhance its daily operations without sacrificing business continuity.

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Consumers are fickle, and no one understands this better than food & beverage manufacturers. The degree of change in this industry continues to rise. Whether it’s increased demand for organic and locally sourced products or a trend toward avoiding processed foods, the ability to respond quickly and get items on the shelves faster than your competitors is essential.

For F&B manufacturers, technology can be friend or foe. ERP systems that were implemented years (and often decades) ago can no longer support the complex demands of this industry. Keeping current isn’t just smart—it’s profitable. From cloud computing and collaborative technologies to mobility and analytics, technology holds the key to competitive advantage and growth.

More and more F&B companies are pursuing microvertical strategies and for good reasons—the potential for higher profits, greater opportunities to offer unique products, and the ability to build stronger customer relationships, to name a few. The goal is to go big by growing small. However, each microvertical is unique and requires both processes and supporting systems that allow F&B manufacturers to operate efficiently and profitably in these highly specialized markets.

Few industries must deal with regulations as complex as those of the F&B industry. Requirements are rigorous and the risks associated with failure high. Manual processes are simply no longer a viable option for keeping up with the pace of change. The good news is that there are more tools and technologies available for making this process manageable than ever before.

Margin pressure on F&B manufacturers has never been greater. Consumer demands for convenience, affordability, and personalization are growing, while regulations are becoming more complex and costs are rising. Best-in-class planning and forecasting, adaptability, and supply chain visibility hold the key to protecting both customer loyalty and profits.

Speed is the name of the game. To be competitive, process manufacturers have to develop new products quickly, produce them using the best possible formula, and maintain full compliance with all regulatory requirements. It's a unique set of requirements that demands a tailored approach to product lifecycle and supply chain management.

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