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17 of the largest 20 cities in North America are powered by Infor


Hear from Infor state and local government customers about empowering employees and ensuring resilience with technology.

State & Local Government

Infor helps state and local agencies modernize with government software applications to deliver full transparency, keep up with strict regulations, and provide efficient services that constituents demand.

Visibility across agencies and departments

Siloed systems limit visibility of data and inhibit informed decisions.

Changing workforce dynamics

Skilled workers retiring are being replaced by workers with different needs and expectations.

Managing critical assets

Limited proactive maintenance occurring on fleets, facilities, and critical infrastructure.

Delivering effective online access to services

State and local governments still struggle to empower citizens and businesses in online channels.

Managing application and network security

Modern cloud solutions require secure platforms.

Solutions for your most critical challenges

CloudSuite Public Sector is the leading suite of ERP and related applications, integrated and delivered in a multi-tenant cloud.

Unify systems

Remove organizational and data silos

  • Intelligent decisions with cross-application, embedded analytics
  • Global Ledger dimensionality for dynamic insight and enterprise reporting
  • Support for virtual and remote teams with mobility and vendor portals
  • Accountability of funds with integrated projects and grants accounting using municipal finance software
  • Streamlined procurement through strategic sourcing

Power workforce productivity and government HR systems

Enable data-driven hiring and workforce development

  • Refined hiring process to entice qualified prospects and reduce time to hire
  • Dashboards to guide management’s hiring and talent development decisions
  • Behavioral DNA® methodology to attract, hire, train and retain diverse workforce
  • Automated workforce scheduling, time and attendance reporting, and absence management

Manage complex assets and infrastructure

Ensure optimal asset usage with predictive maintenance and infrastructure asset management software

  • Preventative maintenance plans for fleets, assets, and facilities
  • Prioritization of asset and capital investments for funding modernization projects
  • Mobile capabilities to increase productivity and employee adoption
  • IoT, AI, ML and other modern technologies to automate monitoring

Streamline licensing & permitting

Optimize community development and regulation functions

  • End-to-end process management and automation using municipal permitting software
  • Online processing of citizen and business applications
  • Combined geographic information systems (GIS), land management and services requests
  • Improved partnership with business constituents to drive economic development
  • Eliminate department data silos and streamline community development

Maintain compliance and security

Rely on the broadest set of FedRAMP-authorized solutions

  • Multi-tenant cloud solutions with high availability, data security, and elasticity
  • Reduction of risks and costs related to disaster recovery, continuous monitoring, and mitigation
  • Meets NIST, ITAR, FIPS and other mandatory regulations
  • Embedded governance, risk, and compliance controls mitigate segregation of duties (SOD) and identify fraudulent activities

Productivity by the numbers


new license applications are submitted online


reduction in equipment downtime


reduction in duplicate payments


State and Local Government Solutions

Infor CloudSuite™ Public Sector

CloudSuite Public Sector is a complete suite of applications built for state and local government. The purpose-built software includes solutions for budgeting, finance, procurement, asset management, human resources, and payroll.

  • Scale solutions across your agency or organization to enable cost-effective management of your mission
  • Maximize efficiency by combining critical ERP, configuration, and mobile capabilities with industry-leading security to protect your data
  • Hire and retain top talent for your organization enabling you to provide better service to your citizens
  • Increase reliability with comprehensive solutions for asset management that provide mobile and self-service capabilities to manage your fleet and maintain roads
  • Enhance services and save money with a lower total cost of ownership and limited up-front investment, allowing capital to be saved for expenditures that directly impact citizens and employees
  • Gain deep real-time insight into your organization with analytics that enable more informed decisions

Infor Human Resources

Infor Human Resources is a leading-edge, end-to-end, talent-focused solution that helps organizations strategically align people initiatives and talent capabilities to organizational goals and missions, effectively meeting the growing needs of citizens and employees.

  • Get all the human capital management functionality you need in one complete solution, with broad capabilities from a single cloud HR vendor
  • Utilize a consumer-grade, personalized, role-based user interface with prebuilt, interoperable components across your HR organization
  • Use relevant and timely data, based on behavior science and analytics, to engage employees and help them reach their greatest potential
  • Recruit, hire, and retain top talent in hard-to-fill positions utilizing talent science
  • Effectively manage top talent through employee planning, engagement, and development
  • Apply modern HR cloud technology to gain complete employee visibility
  • Boost employee performance, improve workforce effectiveness, and maintain control over your organization’s talent strategy and HCM technology with a flexible, secure, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure
  • Talent Management
  • Global HR
  • Talent Science®
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Workforce Management
  • Infor OS

Infor Financials & Supply Management

Infor Financials & Supply Management is an integrated finance and supply management software solution suite that couples modern financial functionality with tools to track supplies and streamline order processes. End-to-end, fully integrated capabilities are designed specifically for today’s users.

  • Record-to-report solution streamlines and simplifies financial processes for state and local government with last-mile functionality and productivity tools such as mobile applications and integration to Microsoft Office
  • Redesigned general ledger with unlimited financial calendars, ledgers and basis reporting, and dimension strings
  • Limit financial risk with full visibility into indirect spend
  • Requisition-to-check designed for state and local government to provide robust functionality around complex strategic sourcing and contract administration with collaboration at its core
  • Improve efficiency with self-service functionality by users and vendors
  • Improve control over prices paid to vendors, enforce contract compliance, and reduce costs resulting from manual paper-based processes
  • Embedded analytics to provide deep insight into the finances of the organization

Infor EAM

Infor EAM is best-in-class asset management software that can help digitize and optimize maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency. This solution is built for state and local government to address unique challenges. Unlike niche solutions that simply can’t grow, or ERP add-on products that require extensive customization, CloudSuite EAM is a purpose-built asset management software that's ready to scale and transform with any organization.

  • Maximize the reliability and performance of assets
  • Predict equipment failure and carry out preventative maintenance
  • Comply with strict legal and environmental regulations
  • Streamline purchasing and procurement
  • Track labor costs and reduce downtime

Licensing, Permitting, Billing

Infor’s public sector software manages all permitting and enforcement activities, utility billing, asset management, and customer service with contactless tools.

  • Manage all user-defined licenses for businesses and individuals as well as test, issue, renew, and collect fees easily
  • Handle all aspects of any regulatory processes, including applications, reviews, hearings, inspections, and fees
  • Process payments, send notices and invoices to customers, and manage rates, delinquencies, and licenses electronically
  • Utilize contactless capabilities for requesting information, filing complaints, paying bills, and submitting applications
  • A fully electronic process to order, schedule, plan reviews, and report on inspections with end-to-end GIS enablement


Infor provides fast, comprehensive, public safety solutions that enable first responder organizations to manage all aspects of employee, citizen, and back-office needs. Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) is a critical tool for enabling fast response times to emergencies. Infor EnRoute unites back-office systems with CAD and records management systems. First responders can leverage a unified view of their operations to improve response time and patient care through data exchange between EMS and hospitals.

  • Speedy dispatch times with a fully mobile interface
  • Customized care with pertinent information obtained during the episode of care
  • Agile platform that leverages financial, project, labor, supply chain, and revenue analytics
  • Improved planning, reporting, security, and compliance
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