Beyond the Bedside – Supporting Nurses' Livelihood Through Accurate Paychecks

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September 15, 2023By Brianna Zink

Welcome to part one of our blog series, focusing on easing the administrative burden on nurses as employees and supervisors. In this installment, we delve into the crucial aspect of accurate paychecks and nurse payroll, informed by a nationwide survey conducted by Infor in partnership with i360. This survey aims to shed light on the challenges faced by nurses and how technology can play a vital role in enhancing their work lives. If you missed the introduction, you can catch up here

Understanding Nurses' Challenges 

The nursing shortage looms large, prompting us to explore the frustrations and obstacles experienced by nurses both in their roles as employees and supervisors. Our survey focused on key elements of a nurse's life that can be improved through the use of today's technology. These elements include accurate paychecks, access to correct supplies, manager-employee interactions, and managing nursing workloads. Nurses play a critical role in ensuring positive patient outcomes, as they are involved in various aspects of patient care, from administering treatments and medications to providing emotional support and advocacy. Streamlining administrative tasks for nurses allows them to focus on what truly matters – providing optimal patient care. While retention bonuses and team parties are appreciated, they do little to simplify nurses' jobs or make their lives easier.  

The Trusted Profession 

For over two decades, nursing has consistently ranked as one of the most trusted professions in Gallup's annual poll. Nurses demonstrate unwavering dedication to their patients, whether by working long hours on the frontlines during a pandemic, ensuring patients receive proper care, or simply listening to and comforting those in need. Nurses often leave a profound impact on patients during their hospital stays. Given the hard work and additional time they invest regularly, it is crucial to recognize their efforts through accurate and fair pay that reflects their valuable contributions. Nurses are already fighting for the health and well-being of their patients; they should not have to struggle for their own livelihood and rightful compensation. 

The Impact of Accurate Paychecks 

Our survey revealed that 41% of nurses received at least one inaccurate paycheck in the past year, with many experiencing issues related to missing bonus pay or differentials. Shockingly, almost one-third of these errors led to formal HR complaints, and 83% of them required the nurse to communicate with their manager and perform additional follow-up. Ensuring accurate pay for nurses' work can be simplified through the implementation of nurse payroll software, a robust, configurable time and attendance solution that seamlessly integrates with the hospital's payroll system. The ability to validate employees' timecards against their schedules will help identify and address any issues proactively, preventing incorrect payments. 
The healthcare industry must recognize the tireless efforts of nurses and provide them with the tools and technology they need to simplify their work lives. Infor remains committed to developing innovative solutions like healthcare payroll software and healthcare HR software that empower nurses and healthcare organizations alike. Together, we can ensure nurses' well-being and enable them to continue making a significant difference in the lives of their patients. Stay tuned for the next installment in our series, where we will continue to address critical challenges and present actionable solutions for the nursing community. 

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