Using Infor Coleman Digital Assistant to save time and improve patient care

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July 13, 2022By Kevin Cole

Confluence Health—an integrated healthcare delivery system including two hospitals and over 300 physicians servicing approximately 260,000 people in North Central Washington— implemented AI driven automation for a key use case in under 90 days to address one of its biggest challenges in our post-COVID economy - labor shortages.

Partnering with the Infor Coleman AI development team, Confluence Health was able to leverage technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to address resource necessity head on, while keeping employees happy with a modern experience. Using integrated AI capabilities, Confluence Health can now execute key supply management processes at least 90% faster by reducing time to execute these key processes from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds.

Infor Platform Technology with Infor OS offers a set of low-code services to develop and deploy AI capabilities embedded within end-user web and mobile applications. Infor Coleman Digital Assistant (DA), Inventory Intelligence, and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Vendor Check are the new AI capabilities developed with Infor Platform Technology.

Coleman DA, a service available with Infor OS, provides a conversational interface to Infor and non-Infor applications using natural language processing to chat, hear, and talk to help people work more efficiently. It is an out of the box application that can be used with Infor delivered skills or created using Coleman Skills Builder based on the organization’s specific business processes.

Infor CloudSuite Financial customers can download Coleman Digital Assistant Skill Pack specific to Infor CloudSuite Financials and get started today.

The diagram below shows the process of initiating a voice or text inquiry to Coleman DA. If a non-Infor application API is registered with Infor OS, Coleman DA can interact with that application.

At Confluence Health, a three-step approach was taken to deploy in just a few weeks. The first step was to understand the basics of how Coleman DA works. The second step was to learn the structure of Coleman DA and how to invoke a skill. Last, was updating the delivered skills to meet Confluence Health processes and share with Confluence key users. Once all three were met, Confluence was equipped to create their own skills and expand Coleman DA across the organization.

With Coleman DA, the staff at Confluence Health now gets fast answers to inquiries on supply items – on the web and on mobile devices. Time is no longer wasted searching for supplies or on status checks, giving back valuable time to for patient care.  Staff is happier also because Coleman DA also alleviates anxiety when trying to locate supplies in a timely manner.

For some instructional material on how use Coleman DA in your organization, watch the full Coleman DA playlist on Youtube.

Infor Coleman AI and Coleman Digital Assistant are part of the Infor technology platform. If you would like to learn more about how Coleman can benefit your business and the industry specific machine learning models Infor can deploy don’t hesitate to contact us.

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