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September 27, 2023By Brianna Zink

Continuing our series on easing the administrative burden on nurses as both employees and supervisors, we now shift our focus to the vital role of nurse supervisors. In partnership with i360, Infor conducted a survey involving over 1,000 nurses across the United States, aiming to identify areas where technology can better support nurses in their roles. Previous blogs have highlighted two key areas – accurate pay and available supplies. In this installment, we will delve into the survey results and research on nurse-managers' span of control, shedding light on the challenges they face and the potential solutions technology can offer.  

Addressing the Impact of Nurse-Managers' Span of Control

Research indicates that larger spans of control for nurse-managers can lead to negative consequences, such as role overload and burnout, and contribute to low satisfaction among staff and patients.  

Yet, it is not uncommon for nurse managers to oversee 40 or more direct reports. Our survey found that 53% of nurse supervisors oversee 10 or more employees. According to Indeed’s analysis of nurse supervisor postings, nurse supervisors responsibilities encompass a broad range, from policy implementation and interdepartmental communication to managing patient and employee records and being a point of contact for necessary escalations. With such an extensive list of duties, the time nurse supervisors can dedicate to each individual direct report is often limited. 

Streamlining Administrative Tasks

Many of the administrative and time-consuming tasks that come with managing employees can be streamlined and automated. Through notifications that trigger appropriate workflows, tasks requiring the attention of a manager can be handled quickly and intuitively. Infor offers solutions to support various administrative tasks, such as automating schedule compliance and providing employees with self-service options to manage their schedule, timecards, and profile, including licenses and certifications. Additionally, employees can register for courses or explore available positions and career paths using Talent Science, empowering them to take control of their own career development. By providing employees with this level of autonomy, the workload for supervisors can be reduced while maintaining transparency and enabling success at all levels.  

Empowering Nurse Supervisors with Infor 

Infor's comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to empower nurse supervisors and enhance their effectiveness. By automating administrative tasks and offering self-service options to employees, nurse managers can focus on more meaningful interactions and supporting their teams. Our technology not only eases the burden on nurse supervisors but also provides valuable insights and transparency to enable success at all levels of the organization. 

Leveraging technology can significantly alleviate their administrative burden, allowing them to focus on empowering their teams and fostering a positive work environment. Infor is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of nurse supervisors, ultimately benefiting the entire healthcare organization. Contact Infor today to learn more about how our healthcare ecosystem solutions for ERP, HCM, WFM, Talent Science and interoperability can support your hospital in creating a thriving and empowered nursing workforce. Stay tuned for the next and final installment of our series, where we will conclude by addressing another critical aspect of nurse empowerment. 

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