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Advanced software for the hotel enterprise

Infor Hospitality

The hospitality market is as crowded and competitive as ever. Chains need to expand to new markets and independent hotels need to keep pace with the big brands. Meanwhile, consumers are demanding more for their hospitality dollars; more ways to interact with a hotel, more offers, more information, and faster responses.

You need a technology partner who understands the industry and can deliver innovative solutions to meet these challenges. As one of only two global providers of industry-specific software in the Hospitality industry, Infor is that proven partner. Over 20,000 hotels in more than 100 countries are using our software to increase sales by over 30%, maximize revenue up to 7%, and lower labor costs by as much as 6%. Whether you're part of an independent hotel, a smaller chain, or a global brand, with Infor you get scalable solutions, featuring out-of-the-box hotel functionality that delivers measurable results.

A new way of working

Infor Hospitality software features social, mobile, analytic, and cloud technologies that drives new levels of usability, connectivity, and insight. Based on the latest advances from both the consumer and enterprise worlds, these technologies change everything you thought you knew about business software.

Streamline operations
Streamline operations

Stay on top of all the little details that ensure a positive guest experience with one system for all your guest and hotel data. Our service delivery software arms you with in-context business intelligence, detailed guest history, preference profiles, and recommendations presented at the point of guest interaction so you can react in real-time. Our next-generation property management system includes mobile applications that reduce check-in/check-out times, automate housekeeping, and manage incidents and facilities.

As a result,  you can operate your   properties efficiently and economically,  serve your guests quickly, and keep your costs under control.

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Maximize revenue potential
Maximize revenue potential

Maximize revenue by as much as 7% in the first year with a single source of reliable data that integrates data about your guests, inventory, and yield rates across your organization. You gain the analytical intelligence you need to accurately analyze budget and forecast data and engage property-wide to take corrective action quickly as needed.

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Better Experience
Build a better guest experience

Winning the guest requires attention to their experience with your brand and property at every stage. Infor enables you to market more effectively to—and better serve—your most valuable guests with personalized, relevant offers that build loyalty. On property, we help you deliver the service that keeps them coming back with rich connections between popular social media services and our hotel property management system.

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Mohegan Sun

We demonstrated to senior management that financial gains result from not only process improvement, but from happier front-line employees who deliver better customer service to guests.

Jeffrey R. Hamilton Vice President of Human Resources, Mohegan Sun

Five star revenue management anywhere: Accor Standardizes on Infor EzRMS

"With Infor EzRMS, we can more accurately forecast demand and improve the guest experience to optimize demand opportunities."
Jonathon Liu, Vice President of Pricing and Revenue Management, Accor

Driven by a program to improve efficiency across the group, enhance performance, and critically capitalize on the potential of a pool of centralized revenue managers, Accor set up a revenue management platform. To enable this service, Accor chose Infor EzRMS as one of the two platforms on which to standardize revenue management. Previously, revenue was managed on a hotel by hotel basis, leading to a lack of consistency across regions and market segments.

Infor and Accor Hotels

Built to meet the needs of your industry

Infor Hospitality delivers complete end-to-end functionality, serving every tier of the industry—from hotels of all sizes to casinos and specialty resorts.

Hotel Brands

Rapidly expanding global markets, relentless competitive pressure, and the escalating influence of consumers paired with a loss of brand-loyalty is forcing major hotel brands to re-evaluate their technology strategies. To entice guests, manage performance at every property, and deliver service that lives up to your brand promise, you need a global technology partner who does business everywhere you do.


  • Global technology platform to align operations against brand standards
  • Rapid scalability to accommodate brand expansion and acquisition
  • Multi-currency financials with powerful performance analysis by region, market, and property
  • Cloud-based technology to standardize franchise operations with minimal expense

Management Companies

Operating hotels means focusing on delivering value to the owners and brands you serve. You need integrated financials, HR, marketing, revenue management, and business intelligence software that drives cost efficiencies and provides the flexibility to align operational priorities with the owner's objectives for each asset you manage.


  • Consolidated financial view of multiple entities
  • On-demand, flexible reporting to serve various stakeholders
  • Comprehensive tracking of marketing investments and results
  • Revenue management that leverages knowledge of local markets

Independent Hotels

The power of the independent hotel lies in delivering the differentiated guest experience that  bigger brands can't match. But going toe-to-toe with these powerful corporations means weighing the strategic impact of every decision and every dollar. You need cloud-based operations technology that delivers previously unattainable benefits as an affordable operating expense, rather than a capital expenditure.


  • Level the playing field with cloud technology
  • Leverage unique property attributes through cost-effective digital marketing
  • Streamline staffing without sacrificing service through mobile apps and business collaboration
  • Increase profit margins with powerful, yet easy-to-implement revenue management


To make a profit from gaming, you need to manage complex operational data rapidly, accurately, and in full compliance with the law. Keep a long-term place at the table with high-performance Infor gaming solutions, joining 100% of the Fortune 500 gaming companies and 98% of the Las Vegas strip. You can collect and analyze real-time data from many sources—while complying with government regulations.

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  • Improve financial governance and control
  • Better manage risk and address regulatory pressures
  • Help management monitor and mitigate potential fraud
  • Track equipment according to compliance guidelines
  • Meet forecast demand of table games with automated casino scheduling


Capturing the reservation of the vacation consumer is one of the most competitive bookings in hospitality. Each traveler is attracted by different destinations, entertainment, amenities, and personal recommendations. You need technology that can target your ideal prospect, deliver relevant offers, lower distribution costs, and enable superior guest service that will build loyalty and increase the value of each stay.


  • Up-sell and cross-sell amenities with centralized guest preference profiles
  • Deploy forecast-driven promotions in-house and online
  • Increase occupancy by matching guest interest with available properties
  • Attract and retain leisure travelers with social media extract marketing and reputation management


In the modern, competitive, multi-unit restaurant industry, you need technology solutions that give you an edge. The tools that help you provide excellent customer service also need to help you more effectively manage costs, production, and employees, all with the reliability you demand from mission critical systems.
Infor Restaurants provides a fully-integrated suite of solutions for quick service, table service, and hospitality operators that want innovative, easy to use point of sale (POS), and enterprise solutions.
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  • Manage your entire enterprise easily and efficiently directly from your corporate office.
  • Quickly see sales trends and capitalize on them.
  • See key metrics in-store that assist in running your restaurant efficiently.
  • Streamline ordering, so you can get food to customers more quickly.
  • Offer more customer points of purchase including web, mobile, and kiosk devices

Extended Stay

As one of the fastest growing market segments in the industry, serviced apartments and extended stay hotels need property and revenue management software that accurately forecasts the value of leases, evaluates guest value based on long-stay parameters, and supports operational and financial standards to manage long-stay guests.


  • Manage rate plans and service levels for extended stay leases
  • Enable advanced billing for extended stay guests, at intervals you determine
  • Automate revenue recognition of extended stay leases to align with daily rate accounting
  • Optimize the mix of short, medium, and long-stay business
  • Price inventory based on length of stays well beyond 7 or 14 days
Al J Schneider Company

We partnered with Infor based on their forward-thinking approach to application architecture and understanding of social media integration. They offer specialized applications that address critical business functions such as managing the guest experience, giving our staff innovative tools to better inform business decisions, and ultimately improving the bottom line.

Ron Strecker CFO, Al J Schneider Company
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The Infor Hospitality difference

The Infor Hospitality difference

Better data, faster service, and a stronger bottom line

Enhancing profits may seem at odds with pleasing guests. Yet more than 20,000 hotels, resorts, and gaming properties worldwide are able to manage their reputation, build customer loyalty, streamline operations, deliver exceptional guest experience, and maximize revenue potential with Infor Hospitality, the only hotel software suite that supports every area of the business from a common platform.

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Built-in capabilities for the entire hospitality enterprise

To make better decisions and more money, you need to connect your hospitality-specific strategy to your front- and back-office systems. This requires multi-departmental hotel software that touches every area of your business including financial asset management; central reservations, revenue management to sales, marketing, and loyalty; corporate office; on-property operations and maintenance; and labor scheduling. Your business must operate from one common strategy and an overall organization-wide plan. Infor's integrated suite addresses all critical business areas.


Revenue management and digital marketing

  • Market more effectively to and better serve your most valuable guests with personal, relevant offers that can increase sales by as much as 54% online and 36% on-premise.
  • Integrate and distribute data about your guests, inventory, and yield rates across your company, regardless of booking channel.
  • Generate budget analysis and forecast data from a single, reliable source to maximize revenue across your organization by as much as 7%.

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Financial management and analytics

  • Cut costs and streamline operations with accounting software that's specific to hospitality departments, ledgers, and users; and complies with industry regulations.
  • Easily calculate cover counts, occupancy statistics, and no-show revenue.
  • Recognize opportunities by measuring KPIs against hundreds of daily transactions for each of your properties
  • Deliver critical analysis to your hotel owners, franchise operators, managers, and staff at the point of decision.

Hotel property management and guest service

  • Know your guests and their preferences, reduce check-in and check-out time, and ensure your facilities are maintained at the highest standards.
  • Develop centralized customer profiles that simplify reservations and increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Connect staff and departments with mobile apps and social collaboration tools that enable immediate communication of key data to provide each guest with personalized, consistent service.

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Talent and human resource management

  • Consistently hire the most qualified candidates and retain the best and the brightest employees.
  • Optimize your human capital in many different ways, from talent acquisition and performance management to compensation, benefits, and training.
  • Reduce gross payroll by as much as 6% with dynamic workforce management that aligns staffing levels with demand forecast.

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A complete hospitality suite in the cloud

Optimize service delivery and maximize revenue

Get the same proven functionality that has helped more than 20,000 hotel brands, casinos, resorts, independent hotels, and management companies gain and maintain industry leadership—delivered in the cloud. With Infor CloudSuite™ Hospitality, you'll have the security and reliability of regional data centers managed by leaders in the fields of cloud and big data management. You will also stay forever modern by always operating on the latest version of your solution and realize faster time to value with minimal upfront investment, lower labor costs, and hassle-free adoption for users.

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A complete hospitality suite in the cloud


Social collaboration in hospitality

Improve productivity, guest service, and your bottom line with Infor Hospitality.

Infor Hospitality solutions overview

Decrease costs, improve profits, grow your business, and keep your guests coming back for more.

Your success is our mission

Infor builds complete industry suites and deploys software that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily with your existing systems. Find out why more than 90,000 organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.